rick filosofeert

elitair, elegant, arrogant, sinds 14 mei 1977


After a nice win over Player Club, Captain Wozniak could lift the cup for the championship in the Serie VII of the Dutch League. Roma ended five points ahead of the Frisians because of Frisians'defeat by Castle of Eden, the strongest side in the second part of the season.

The players were received at the Campidoglio in Rome, 1.006.451 days are the foundations of the city and from there spoke to their fans alongside mayor Veltroni. Presidente Lindeman was sighted last lying drunken in Testaccio at 4.00, but has been lost since.

(Rick's hattrick club won the championshipt)

League Review

Tieuwe United started the league strong, being ahead in the first weeks of the season, while Roma started slow. United even won against the Frisians, then the nr.2 in the third week of the championship. But this would be the last victory of United against one of the Top teams, losing twice against Roma, away against the same frisians and against Castle of Eden, which would probably have won the championship if they bought the licence from the midgets earlier.

The Frisians started strong, but after their loss to United and Roma they didn't seem to stand a chance at promotion. They kept playing strong, losing just to Roma (twice) and Castle after that first defeat. In the end they had scored just enough goals to set Tieuwe United third on goal average for the second season running.

Roma started slow, but lost just one game against Castle in the champions. It did have to fight hard though, as their opponents changed more than those of the Frisians and Tieuwe United. But on Sunday, October 26th 2003, or 2776 Ab urbe condita, they won their first championship in the Hattrick league and c'eranno moltissime feste tutte le notte nella città ....