rick filosofeert

elitair, elegant, arrogant, sinds 14 mei 1977

Indiana jones and the fate of Daytona

I went to Indiana Jones the other day.
The film wasn't as big a succes in the Netherlands as excepted.
So one could only see it in a cinema, tucked far away in Hoog Catharijne.
The horrible 60s shoppingmall of Traiectum ad Rhenum.
But hey, my father loves archeology.

The movie was filled with nostalgy.
It wasn't good, or anything, or a proper film.
It tickled all the right buttons though.
The palace crashed at the end
As expected.

But when we left the film.
We saw some other old relic.
A two player Daytona machine.
Sitting there, a bit unloved, but still working

The screen wasn't that clear anymore.
The coin deposit boxes were dirty.
But it lovely enought to take me back to the summer of 1995.

The last holiday i spent with my parents.
I didn't really want to do that anymore.
But there, in hot Bibione
- between the Republic of Venice and the Free-state of Trieste -
Was a proper arcade.

3d arcade racing was still new then
And all our lires went in the 4 player Daytona machine
Me and my little brother battled against the Germans.
And that is the image that remains from that holiday.