rick filosofeert

elitair, elegant, arrogant, sinds 14 mei 1977

Behavioural Change works like this

It can be so easy.

Mario Kart destroyed my house


Everybody knows Mario Kart cheats.
But the cheatiest level of all was N64 Bowser Castle.
And that championship was only one I hadn't won on mirror mode yet.
Every time it did a combination of blue shelling at points where I got into the fire
Losing 7 or 8 places
But this time I prevailed.

I jumped up.
And the cord between the Wiimote and the Nunchuck swept above my Lamp.
This was the result.

Videogames are bad for you....r house.


I didn't know what to expect of Bucharest
Was it still Little Paris, as it was in the Interbellum
Had Ceaucescu destroyed everything in the
Or did Kapitalism finish his job.

I arrived in the rain
On a november night.
In a taxi, through an Arc de Triomph
On our way to a
very western hotel


We had
management committees
Workgroups, and a conference,
But in the mean time, we could expercience a bit of the city.

metro, with wide modern carriages, but small platforms.
with a rather west-european line-network.
Plata Victoriei, with incredible big buildings.


I went Steaua stadium, was in the south-west.
I took the most
filled tram in history,
Through communist blocks to get there.
It was time for Unirea-Rangers.
As i had noticed, when having breakfast with fat guys in blue


We walked throuh Micul Paris,
It's lovely Atheneum,
Surrouind by this weird romance language
And painted Ceilings.
Dancing with Romanian Tango-girls.


We went to a sports bar.
Watching Steau with the faithful,
Feeling the latin-passion, when they equalised
Noticing Ajax & Roma banners with consent.
And imagining the tension of the
Marele derby


We went to drink beer at Ceauceascu's
Strangly seeing,
That the square before his
megaloman palace,
Was used for a Wedding-fair
And BBQ meals.


I am still confused what to think of the city.
It is warm., it is cold, it surely is a true city.


The old cultural capital of Poland.
Was more cheerful than 11 years ago.


The had a
highspeed tram now.
And lots of bike for rent in
As well as a networking event.


And that showed us Boats in Poland,
Pecha Kucha in Bologna,
shared space in Drachten.


And perhaps more importantly.
Meeting the might Wisla in the mud
Dinner in
And beers with the pride of Serbia.


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