rick filosofeert

elitair, elegant, arrogant, sinds 14 mei 1977

Union Saint-Gilloisse

In een regenachtig Brussel.
In zijn queeste, elke keer een nieuw iets in de hoofdstad van Europa te zien.

(bron: groundhopping.logt.nu)

Was er oude glorie.
Met eindelijk een bezoek aan het aan het Joseph Marien stadion
Gebracht met een privé chauffeur van Connexxion.
En bier in de Union Taveerne.
Intiemer dan Paars-Wit


Waar een Jonge Brel,
Toen Union Saint-Gilloisse nog Union 60 was.
Het publiek verblijdde,

En nieuwe Brusselse meisjes
Wier moeder nog in St. Gilles woonde.
Na een drukke premetro-rit van Albert


Nu verbonden in het geel-blauw

Sur les pavês de la place Louiza
Dansaient les hommes les femmes en crinoline
Sur les pavês dansaient les omnibus
Avec des femmes des messieurs en gibus

C'était au temps ou Bruxelles rêvait
C'était au temps du cinèma muet
C'était au temps ou Bruxelles chantait
C'était au temps ou Bruxelles


I didn't know what to expect of Bucharest
Was it still Little Paris, as it was in the Interbellum
Had Ceaucescu destroyed everything in the
Or did Kapitalism finish his job.

I arrived in the rain
On a november night.
In a taxi, through an Arc de Triomph
On our way to a
very western hotel


We had
management committees
Workgroups, and a conference,
But in the mean time, we could expercience a bit of the city.

metro, with wide modern carriages, but small platforms.
with a rather west-european line-network.
Plata Victoriei, with incredible big buildings.


I went Steaua stadium, was in the south-west.
I took the most
filled tram in history,
Through communist blocks to get there.
It was time for Unirea-Rangers.
As i had noticed, when having breakfast with fat guys in blue


We walked throuh Micul Paris,
It's lovely Atheneum,
Surrouind by this weird romance language
And painted Ceilings.
Dancing with Romanian Tango-girls.


We went to a sports bar.
Watching Steau with the faithful,
Feeling the latin-passion, when they equalised
Noticing Ajax & Roma banners with consent.
And imagining the tension of the
Marele derby


We went to drink beer at Ceauceascu's
Strangly seeing,
That the square before his
megaloman palace,
Was used for a Wedding-fair
And BBQ meals.


I am still confused what to think of the city.
It is warm., it is cold, it surely is a true city.

Swedish Sports & infrastructure

All stockholm photos

For Link I went to Stockholm in mid-october.
The lights and leafs were tinted with a beautiful autumn color.
I went to
VTI, in the Royal Technological Institute, KTH, with the Tunnelbanen


I was in Sweden, so icehockey was a necessity.
In Södertälje, there was Stockholm's derby
SSK- Djurgårdens in the Elitserien.

Södertalje is the birthplace of Ajax-Winger Kennedy
It is a horrible industrial town.
It also contains more Iraqi's than any other place outside the middle east
SSK is their only hope.


The got a 1-0 headstart.
But lost 2-4
Djurgården's fans reminded me of
Vak 410
With a Capo, and some of the same songs


Next day we went to the Paliament, the Rikstagen
And did some work.
Green party presented a new tramplan.
To combat situations as the horrible Slussen,
One op stockholm's main hubs.


My video of SSK-Djurgården

Mountains and Holy places

All Innsbrück photos
Vienna photos

At the morning that Austria and Bavaria woke up after a day of shocking elections
I landed at Munich Airport.
Luckily, some traditions were still there, and all Mädchen were dressed as Dirndl


The train brought me in 2 hours to Innsbrück, on a journey filled with mountains
But we were not in the city themselves and were transported to Kematen,
A hamlet in Tirol

There we talked about
Greener Fleets, and alternative fuels.
The night brought us a Tyrolean meal, with 8 courses.
Our Swedish partner was surprised at each of them.


After another day of meetings,
I went to Vienna,
Crossing the country in 5 hours.
Arriving at
Westbahnhof, I took my tradional Wiener Schnitzel at Stephansplatz.
The next morning i went to the Bundesministerium VIT (Traffic, Innovation and Technique)
For a meeting for Link


Afterwards, I could do but one thing.
Visit the Holy place werehere Ajax conquered its
4th European Cup.




Link brought me to Praha this week. I'm not sure what to think of the of the city. The suburbs are quite relaxed, I had a great meal at Bileholva. It was on a boulevard, with passing Tram 22s under leafy trees. It this part of Prague not many flats were communist barracks.


The public transport system is quite nice, with a typical Eastern European
Metro-Triangle in the centre. Travel information isn't that good, with lots of horrible looking maps. I did get a chance to drink a cappuccino in an old Tram though, amidst Soviet tanks for the Prague spring (1968) remembrance. Do avoid the rest of the centre. It looks nice, in a Habsburg way, but it is too filled with tourists for my comfort.


Merseyside Mayhem

More photos

The joys of
low cost travelling made me touch down in the city of the 5 times European Cup winner long after midnight. Luckily the proponent of Umihara Kawasa, Matt, stood on John Lennon Airport with a sign Rick "Mario" Lindeman. He brought me to my hotel.

It would be a short visit, I would spent only 16 hours in the lands of her most royal majesty, Elisabeth II. Thursday, a rainy morning as one would expect on the shores of the Irish see, I had to work. John, from
Austin Analytics picked me up, and brought me to an English breakfast bar. Brown, and wood, and without presumption. The corner stone of English Society.

Duke Street

We went to talk with the boss of Mersey Travel, so naturally we used Liverpool's underground. It was a combination of older rail lines, refurbished some 30 years ago. The boss himself was approachable and told us about all his new projects, his submarine and South Parkway Station. He would join us at Link

I went to see South Parkway Station. It lay lush in the green fields, and really open and sustainable, but without many passengers. I had forgotten how England looked, with its typics stone houses and streets. The city was filled with
Lamb Bananas, decorated copies of a a famous sculpture, made for Liverpool Culture Capital 2008.

Lamb Bananas at Lime Street

Back at Lime Street, after train trip through an impressive gorge of Lime Stone, Matt was there and went to
Sapporo, a Tepanyaki restaurant. This was good food and good for my understanding of Liverpool. As we set there, 3 girls, who could be footballers wifes joined us at the table. They were dressed up, a bit sleazy but up to alevel, and i will never forget their accents.

We enjoyed the cheaper Video Games, at
Liverpool One, the new mega real estate urban renewal (good or bad, you decide) in the centre of the city. Later we went to see both Goodison Park and Anfield road, mere metres from eachother. Matt had been a blue boy all his life, but explained being blue didn't mean you had to be that anti-red, just during derbies. Respect was given to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

Bar at Anfield

It was almost time to go home, we drove through Penny Lane, back to John Lennon Airport. Meanwhile in Peking, we won the Waterpolo and marathon swimming. We competed at our own Olympics, getting our DSs out and playing
New International Track and Field, and of course Mario Kart.

Cologne, Link and the Turks

Link had its first conference in Cologne. When I took the tram to the hotel, I noticed many Turks leaving at Rudolphplatz. That night Turkey played against the Czech republic. The Turks won, it was a miracle.
Afterwards,the party was legendary. All over Europe, the Turkish ex-pats celebrated, but maybe in Germany the most.

DSC00826.JPG

Brussel again

Ge en ik moesten weer naar Brussel voor Link. Dit keer verwelkomde Polis ons. Alles per voet, vanaf Bruxelles Midi, in een aparte omgeving. Van Schotelvillage, het arme St. Gilles, thuisland van het legendarische Royale Union Saint Gilloise, door het trendy Ixelles naar Rue du Trône. Na een heerlijk diner op/bij Place de Londres, stappen met Freek op Place de Luxembourg, en ontmoetingen met Nissan lobbyistes.


Meer foto's

Een dagje Belgie

En zo trok onze held, na zijn barre tocht naar Dortmund, nu voor het werk (Link) naar Leuven

Eerst moest er natuurlijk genoten worden van de locale specialiteiten van Belgie

Vervolgens met gastheer Freek naar een pseudo hippe club in Brussel op een tv-gebouw op Place de Flagey, alwaar de Europese ambtenarij zich aan duur bier laafde.

De oude universiteitsstad blonk ondanks het weer.

Infrastructureel was de terugweg naar Antwerpen interessanter, het nieuwe station was een verrukkelijk amalgaam van de oude cathedraal (1905) en een nieuw TGV station.



Slapen aan de Lindemanstrasse

Rick ging voor zijn werk naar Dortmund en sliep aan de Lindemannstrasse
Alle dortmund foto's, vol oude industriele architectuur
(all pictures)