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Rond de schattige dorpjes bij Woerden
Op de banen van

Speelden wij Golf, als Tiger Woods
A Good Walk Ruined,zoals Oscar Wilde schreef?
Nee, laat die
Ryder cup maar Komen



Merseyside Mayhem

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The joys of
low cost travelling made me touch down in the city of the 5 times European Cup winner long after midnight. Luckily the proponent of Umihara Kawasa, Matt, stood on John Lennon Airport with a sign Rick "Mario" Lindeman. He brought me to my hotel.

It would be a short visit, I would spent only 16 hours in the lands of her most royal majesty, Elisabeth II. Thursday, a rainy morning as one would expect on the shores of the Irish see, I had to work. John, from
Austin Analytics picked me up, and brought me to an English breakfast bar. Brown, and wood, and without presumption. The corner stone of English Society.

Duke Street

We went to talk with the boss of Mersey Travel, so naturally we used Liverpool's underground. It was a combination of older rail lines, refurbished some 30 years ago. The boss himself was approachable and told us about all his new projects, his submarine and South Parkway Station. He would join us at Link

I went to see South Parkway Station. It lay lush in the green fields, and really open and sustainable, but without many passengers. I had forgotten how England looked, with its typics stone houses and streets. The city was filled with
Lamb Bananas, decorated copies of a a famous sculpture, made for Liverpool Culture Capital 2008.

Lamb Bananas at Lime Street

Back at Lime Street, after train trip through an impressive gorge of Lime Stone, Matt was there and went to
Sapporo, a Tepanyaki restaurant. This was good food and good for my understanding of Liverpool. As we set there, 3 girls, who could be footballers wifes joined us at the table. They were dressed up, a bit sleazy but up to alevel, and i will never forget their accents.

We enjoyed the cheaper Video Games, at
Liverpool One, the new mega real estate urban renewal (good or bad, you decide) in the centre of the city. Later we went to see both Goodison Park and Anfield road, mere metres from eachother. Matt had been a blue boy all his life, but explained being blue didn't mean you had to be that anti-red, just during derbies. Respect was given to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

Bar at Anfield

It was almost time to go home, we drove through Penny Lane, back to John Lennon Airport. Meanwhile in Peking, we won the Waterpolo and marathon swimming. We competed at our own Olympics, getting our DSs out and playing
New International Track and Field, and of course Mario Kart.

Dramatic semi final

I don't have words to decribe it, it reminded me of Deportivo-Milan, so over to correspondent, myoptika

Bloody hell, what a dramatic semi-final day at the BeeX Stadium.

After an action-packed "friendly" (I use quotation marks as I managed to get two players sent off) which finished 2-1 to myoptika's Forumites, we both had problems connecting to each other, which resulted in a bizarre situation where we both saw different teams on the same player selection screen and the game crashing out when the players arrived on the pitch!


As many of you know, and my forum name suggests, I lived in Italy for some time in the late 90s/early 00s. One of the most memorable nights was november 9, 1999, 10 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I went to a meeting in the Palazzo del Lavoro, in EUR, a Merlusconi built quarter, fascist in style for the cancelled Rome World Expo of 1940. Read More...


Jens en Lars waren op de opening van de Burgermeester,
het nieuwe high-end Burgerrestaurant van Amsterdam,


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Er worden veel stadions gebouwd in Nederland.
Meestal als nieuwe impuls voor de club.
Het avondje NAC, Het Abe Lenstra, de Grolschveste, de Nieuwe Goffert.
Allemaal een grote verbetering.

Nieuwe heldinnen, verwelkomd in de toekomst

Het zou niet zo mooi weer worden als vorig jaar.
Dat was al snel duidelijk
Maar misschien was dat ook maar goed.
Want toen verbloemde de zon de matige muziek

IMG_0909.JPG


Er was een zonsverduistering op 1 augustus.,
Niet zo stoer als die in 1999
Maar toch mooi een excuus om te gaan,
naar die mooie plek waar ik trouwde.