rick filosofeert

elitair, elegant, arrogant, sinds 14 mei 1977

A simple trip abroad

It started so simple
A plane deep into the night
Starting at CPH, landing in TLL
I went to bed
I woke up at the 23rd floor
Seeing this view of


I went to city hall,
To an office without a window,
But with a beautiful soviet era phone


We went to a Datcha
8km out of the city.
Jeroen, our dutch expert arrived.
Bringing the first signs of what was to come
His flight was the last out of Copenhagen


Civitas workshop worked effectively
The Slovenians and Estonians
Debating on what ticketing system they would use.
Creative, and Outspoken
As any
LFA inspired workshop would like to be.

And then our lovely Estoniuan host surprised us,
By inviting us all to the Sauna.
It would be very rude not to oblige.
And the
Saku beer tasted nice


The workshop continued the next day.
But our minded wandered off
To what the
Volcano would bring us

We decided to act,
And after some deliberations,
We reserved a place on the Tallink boat to Stockholm.

We had some time to visit the centre of Tallinn,
Looking at its Hanseatic centre, Ancient Reval
As two guys from the city that
destroyed that League


The HMS Victoria gave us a smooth ride
Lovely food, and Cuban dancers.
Before entering Stockholm at is most beautiful
Through the Archipelago


A small
trip with the use of Stockholm's ov-chipcard equivalent
Brought us to a crowded
But a hero from
Already arranged Tickets to the city of the Mermaid

After a quick coffee with some Swedish friends,
X2000 tilted across the Oresund
To an even fuller
Københavns Hovedbanegård


We somehow managed to get in the ready-to-depart train to Hamburg,
And after a quick ferry,
We were pickede up in Oldenburg,
By Gert, another hero in this story,
who brought us back to the United Provinces

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