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Completely in love


I just bought an iCade, and am now completely in love with it, finally playing Donkey Kong as intended, and the idea of having my own Dodonpachi cab, is such an amazing feeling

pix'n'love rush DX just added compatibility
Other recommendations: Super Crate Box, League of Evil, Hungry Master
Compatibility list

BluTrol (jb) can convert lots of virtual joystick games

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Half a dream fulfilled:
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iMame: compatibility nv rams for Cave shooters

for those interested, you can games to the c64 emu in almost the same way as to iMame, with the exception that
a) each game shpuld have its own directorry
b) everygame is has a .plist file (to change it to your game, search->replace the game where you've taken it from with the name of the game/image..
More here
(although ftp there is not necessary when using ifunbox)