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Too many trips

May contained too many trips


It al started, transiting through
Paris, were DSK dominated the news

First I gave a speech about our
Sbir programme at Ecomm 2011 in Toulouse. It is a hot red-bricked city in the midi-pyrenees. The conference was spiced up buy many Pecha Kucha sessions, but sparked the discussion at Allinx if the conference shouldn’t reinvent itself.


The city was proud of its new tram and
Val metro, and it looked swift and nice. The banlieu which led in through did not. The french there looked pure and far from the wild world of Paris.


All Ecomm 2011 photos (some are (c) Marien G. Bakker)

And then we went to
Lipsia, known only to me for the 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig, opponent of Ajax in the 1987 Cup winners final in Athens (1-0 Van Basten, Assist Silooy). Leipzig was deep in 4th division. Red Bull had founded a new club. But the promotion of Dynamo Dresden, another East-German legend, was celebrated.


It had a beautiful centre, with a market hall resembling Krakow, and of course and extended tramnet, with an intriguing mix of vehicles. The messe was kilometres out of the centre, and everybody looked like it was still 1998, and
Lolo Rennt was the fashion to follow.

Leipsic, yesterday..

I facilitated a session on Biofuels on the
ITF, and was portrayed in focused foto’s. It was a „risky but attractive format” according to the organisers, but it worked. It was well organised and my trip back went in record time, 30 minutes after the workshop I was through customs.

(c) ITF

All Leipzig photos

A day later I went to Bucharest, that weird combination of Paris, Megalomanie, Southern Europe and Communism, when I had been in
2009. We did a training on Integrated Planning, and after theory, my active session on redesigning Gara de Nord was appreciated. Speaking Dutch was very funny to some Bucuresti. No time for the subway extensions, unfortunately.


All Bucurest photos (some are (c) Srecko Krznaric)

And then, as dessert.. Consortium meeting in Brussels


Slim Werken


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