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elitair, elegant, arrogant, sinds 14 mei 1977

Tornato a Roma

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It felt like coming home.
Not that everything in the city is perfect.
A post-fascist major. To much new centri commerciali.
There were still laziale Happy

Rent-a-cycle, now in Rome too

But a true relationship is more than admiring,
It is dealing with the troubles of the times,
And experiencing them together.

Luigi, a Laziale (but still great)

10 years after I found my place there.
It still was la mia città
Those months in rome really were some of the most important in my life.

Lorella e Giulia

My friends had graduated now. Having kids and cars.
But still the warmth was there.

Daniele, Testimone

I visited some old spots, like the cat's sanctuary and the facoltà.
And some places I had never been to, like the place a day later Italy was soundly
Stadio Flaminio had been close, all the time, but hidden.


Italy-France 8-50. Ai, Still Rugby is getting more and more popular in Italy


For Fleat i went to Milan, sat on Seedorf's seat and enjoyed some Milanese food. San Siro does look weary these days. The city was in a rather relaxed mood, the first days of spring. As I just was in Madrid's metro two weeks ago, Milan's looked rather poor by comparison

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On the right Beckham sits. he just went away for a beer

Debating in the sun

I have my own bar in Milan

Dakkie 30!

Gefeliciteerd, een mooi semi-surinaams feest in het hol van de groen-gele leeuw!



Zoziet een garage vol tuktuk's eruit, in Amsterdam ZO, een mooi project van mijn werk



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Maybe it was because my ex-girlfriend came from Barcelona.
That my image of the city was rather dark.
I was to be proven wrong.

I arrived at the Ciudad very early on monday.
With as a first priority naturally the stadium.
Where Ajax played two of its best games in history.
That november day in 1995, i will never


But work had to be done.
An expert meeting,
Cedex, the Spanish experimentation center for public works.
It lay near Atocha. On a hill


Atocha station might just be the most beautiful place in the world
With its interior garden, built as the old hall was obsolete,
after the building of the new TGV-station.
And what happend in March 04
Makes the garden erven more important


Night life in Madrid is something famous.
And even though we only got to experience a tiny bit.
It tastes deliciously.


But we cannot leave,
Without saying something about the second largest metro in Europe.
Efficient and all the time growing and growing.
Why does one simple line in Amsterdam take that long



Ze hebben daar een bier brouwerij
En bossen
Met Konijnentjes

Jens en Kalina waren blij


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