rick filosofeert

elitair, elegant, arrogant, sinds 14 mei 1977



I was playing Bomberman yesterday.
@katakashin and some Egyptians.

And I wanted to make a little monument for it.
I played it on the Amiga
It was called Dynablaster

I killed my brothers
Time and Time again.


I made even a little hardware 4 player adapter
Clumsy as I am.

I played it on the gameboy
I played it on the gamecube

And why?
Because it is one of the purist games there is.
Just jou, your opponents and bombs
On a 2D plane.

When people are playing call of Duty 45: Cyan Ops
They find themselves hip and hardcore
But aren’t they playing this game.
Only less pure?
I won’t mention Bomberman 3D

A few games are the baseline.
Mario, Sensi
and Bomberman.

And Shin & Zaphod, i’ll get you next time!