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Slechte foto's., maar gezellig feest


Ridder in de orde van Oranje Nassau

Het heeft Hare Majesteit behaagd mijn moeder te benoemen tot ridder in de orde van Oranje Nassau, o.a. omdar ze 40 jaar Ziekenhuishygiëne heeft bevorderd in het VUMC

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Swedish Sports & infrastructure

All stockholm photos

For Link I went to Stockholm in mid-october.
The lights and leafs were tinted with a beautiful autumn color.
I went to
VTI, in the Royal Technological Institute, KTH, with the Tunnelbanen


I was in Sweden, so icehockey was a necessity.
In Södertälje, there was Stockholm's derby
SSK- Djurgårdens in the Elitserien.

Södertalje is the birthplace of Ajax-Winger Kennedy
It is a horrible industrial town.
It also contains more Iraqi's than any other place outside the middle east
SSK is their only hope.


The got a 1-0 headstart.
But lost 2-4
Djurgården's fans reminded me of
Vak 410
With a Capo, and some of the same songs


Next day we went to the Paliament, the Rikstagen
And did some work.
Green party presented a new tramplan.
To combat situations as the horrible Slussen,
One op stockholm's main hubs.


My video of SSK-Djurgården

Mountains and Holy places

All Innsbrück photos
Vienna photos

At the morning that Austria and Bavaria woke up after a day of shocking elections
I landed at Munich Airport.
Luckily, some traditions were still there, and all Mädchen were dressed as Dirndl


The train brought me in 2 hours to Innsbrück, on a journey filled with mountains
But we were not in the city themselves and were transported to Kematen,
A hamlet in Tirol

There we talked about
Greener Fleets, and alternative fuels.
The night brought us a Tyrolean meal, with 8 courses.
Our Swedish partner was surprised at each of them.


After another day of meetings,
I went to Vienna,
Crossing the country in 5 hours.
Arriving at
Westbahnhof, I took my tradional Wiener Schnitzel at Stephansplatz.
The next morning i went to the Bundesministerium VIT (Traffic, Innovation and Technique)
For a meeting for Link


Afterwards, I could do but one thing.
Visit the Holy place werehere Ajax conquered its
4th European Cup.