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Finally like Pantani


It is a good Italian Tradition to write the name of the cycling "Campionissimo" you support on road where the Giro or Tour passes. Even 5 years after his dead, you will find Pantani's name written down. And Myself, coming from an old cycling country have always dreamt to see my name written down on the streets of the Gavia or the Galibier.

You can imagine how great it felt when playing the much-criticised cycling event on Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo, €49 incl WMP) and to see my name on the streets leading to the top of the mountains on Wuhu island - the resort in the title. Added to normal Mii-support (my wife in the audience, Osama as my basketball team mate), I felt at home.

Not many reviewers really understood Wii Sports. They complained about the lack of depth. For them "Depth" was the addition of lots of options to be tweaked, or a table or two. But the depth of Wii Sports was in allowing to constantly improve yourself, by giving you many different opponents.

And this depth has transferred to WSR, and to that it adds an island to link the sports together, and giving them a common theme. You skydive onto it, you wakeboard next to it, or you cycle through its villages and mountains. Furthermore it adds a lot of new sports.

And the greatness of these new sports, all implented in very different ways, while being true to the nature of the sport they represent, is another thing where WSR shines. There are not many more satisfying feelings, then waving your improved wiimote like someone from Kill Bill. You are almost like a conductor, waving your Hanzo sword around while chopping the hordes.

Archery is another highlight. The feedback of your bow has to be experienced. Table Tennis makes you forget you are playing on a console. Cycling is fun, because it is both tactics (recuperation behind other cyclist) and exercise. Wakeboarding makes you cheerful. Kayakking does the resistance of water impressively. And all those things are even more fun in multiplayer.

Sure I would like overall statistics, online play, and online tables, but as a true Wii game, as a sequel, and as multi-player experience, it is amazing. And for making on of my old dreams comes true, it deserves a statue.

Ranking: A 4.5/5
Wii Sports Resort allows you to experience sports you never did, and therefore makes dreamers happy, while providing multiplayer fun for the rest of us